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University of Alabama, Huntsville
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Denise Niemiller

Professor in the Biology department

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3 teacher reviews

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Assigns three projects in one semester with zero fcks given about any of your other classes. Teaches 100 level bio like 300 level Organic Chem. You learn nothing that's on the exams in lecture. I learned more in recitation than actual lecture, for crying out loud. Bought a $50 lab manual; used it …more once the whole semester. Forced groupwork. Just no. less

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Lab manual used lightly, prof made up most of the labs. Lecture slides will hardly cover test material. There isn't attendance just answer clicker questions that are ridiculous and 3/5 times to be trick questions, if you get all wrong you get a 0 for the class day. Tests are ridiculous and free …more response can cover stuff we haven't covered in class. less

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In general, she's what you would expect in a biology professor. College Biology requires a lot of studying and she is no exception. There is extra credit but you must put in the work to get an A. She does assign assignments in class but you will find that at the end of the semester all of it pays …more off. She is beyond helpful in her office hours. less
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Professor qualifications determine the quality of education students get at a university. Thus, student reviews of professors are an essential part of choosing an institution to attend. Here, you can find a number of student reviews on the work and skills of Denise Niemiller, a Professor in the Biology department at University of Alabama, Huntsville. The university is located in Alabama, USA. The institution requires professionalism from its teaching staff and regular training courses attendance to maintain a high level of educational skills.

This university professor has received 3 reviews from former and current students, as well as some other guests. The majority of the submitted reviews are negative. 1 people note the high quality of professor’s classes. 2 comments find the skills of Denise Niemiller lacking in a certain area of academic abilities of teacher-student relations.

Student opinions are important for university teachers as they show the level of their pedagogic skills. If you have any experience with the classes of Denise Niemiller, share your experience and assess the quality of this professor’s work. Your review may help young applicants to find the right educational establishment.