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University of Alabama, Huntsville
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Patricia Batchelor

Professor in the Biological Sciences department

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2 teacher reviews

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Loved her, but the class was difficult. Lots of memorization, especially when it came to the diseases. Gives homework that's pretty easy & one pop quiz per exam, usually occurs on the last lecture day before the exam. Gives a study guide that is super helpful for the exams & tells you if the topic …more is multiple choice/T-F/short answer or discussion. less

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This is a tough class but homework is 20% and easy to get full credit on. Also lab is 30% and it is not too hard to do well in there. There are 5 tests that make up the rest of the 50%. Going to class is important. Her tests have multiple choice, short answer, and case studies. The first test was …more hard because I did not know how her tests worked. less
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Professor qualifications determine the quality of education students get at a university. Thus, student reviews of professors are an essential part of choosing an institution to attend. Here, you can find a number of student reviews on the work and skills of Patricia Batchelor, a Professor in the Biological Sciences department at University of Alabama, Huntsville. The university is located in Alabama, USA. The institution requires professionalism from its teaching staff and regular training courses attendance to maintain a high level of educational skills.

This university professor has received 2 reviews from former and current students, as well as some other guests. The majority of the submitted reviews are positive. 2 people note the high quality of professor’s classes. N/A comments find the skills of Patricia Batchelor lacking in a certain area of academic abilities of teacher-student relations.

Student opinions are important for university teachers as they show the level of their pedagogic skills. If you have any experience with the classes of Patricia Batchelor, share your experience and assess the quality of this professor’s work. Your review may help young applicants to find the right educational establishment.