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University of Alabama, Huntsville
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Sarma Rani

Professor in the Engineering department

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3 teacher reviews

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This class is an amalgamation of stuff you were supposed to learn in other classes, mashed together. Rani tries to go over things, but he "teaches" by copying his notes on the board and instructing us in how to copy them down. He does one example problem per topic. His tests are nothing like the …more quizzes or the examples in class. less

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His notes are super organized and detailed. Can be a bit rude when asking for help. If you didn't cheat your way through algebra, this class should be a breeze. All the notes are posted online. If you study them and actually understand it, the class is not difficult. Moderately hard grader.

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The class organization was terrible. I've never taken a math or engineering class with NO GRADED HOMEWORK. Your grade is only on 3 tests (2 exams, 1 final). Offers no way for grade makeup. Was not available any time I tried to get in touch of him outside of class. Found this strange based on his …more responses (not available, meetings all day, etc.) less
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Professor qualifications determine the quality of education students get at a university. Thus, student reviews of professors are an essential part of choosing an institution to attend. Here, you can find a number of student reviews on the work and skills of Sarma Rani, a Professor in the Engineering department at University of Alabama, Huntsville. The university is located in Alabama, USA. The institution requires professionalism from its teaching staff and regular training courses attendance to maintain a high level of educational skills.

This university professor has received 3 reviews from former and current students, as well as some other guests. The majority of the submitted reviews are negative. 1 people note the high quality of professor’s classes. 2 comments find the skills of Sarma Rani lacking in a certain area of academic abilities of teacher-student relations.

Student opinions are important for university teachers as they show the level of their pedagogic skills. If you have any experience with the classes of Sarma Rani, share your experience and assess the quality of this professor’s work. Your review may help young applicants to find the right educational establishment.