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San Francisco State University
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Derrick Spiva

Professor in the African-American Studies department

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3 teacher reviews

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Tons of homework every week based off reading and videos, BUT it's not turned in until mid-semester or even the end of the semester. No big papers, except a course journal. Tests are actually pretty easy, questions are literally the same questions from the 10 question quiz at the end of every …more reading. less

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He makes you type out tons of journal notes which are basically copied from the text he has already made you read every week. Don't understand the point of that when the exam is open book. Unrealistic amount of work considering it is NOT a GWAR class.

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Avoid. He's terribly disorganized, does not explain reasons for grading, is completely unrealistic in the amount of journal work he expects. All of the material is filled with typos including the exams. You will work really hard and still get a bad grade. It's frustrating and disappointing.
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Professor qualifications determine the quality of education students get at a university. Thus, student reviews of professors are an essential part of choosing an institution to attend. Here, you can find a number of student reviews on the work and skills of Derrick Spiva, a Professor in the African-American Studies department at San Francisco State University. The university is located in California, USA. The institution requires professionalism from its teaching staff and regular training courses attendance to maintain a high level of educational skills.

This university professor has received 3 reviews from former and current students, as well as some other guests. The majority of the submitted reviews are negative. 1 people note the high quality of professor’s classes. 2 comments find the skills of Derrick Spiva lacking in a certain area of academic abilities of teacher-student relations.

Student opinions are important for university teachers as they show the level of their pedagogic skills. If you have any experience with the classes of Derrick Spiva, share your experience and assess the quality of this professor’s work. Your review may help young applicants to find the right educational establishment.