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What is HotUni and why has it been created?

HotUni offers its services to all students and their families helping them to choose the right university tailored specifically for their needs. We offer insight into the leading education systems of the world, the US and the UK ones.  These countries are role models for all other countries thanks to their numerous higher education institutions that offer the best quality of education in the world.

Here, you can find the global and national rankings of the prominent institutions. We present the detailed information on each university, no matter whether it is a huge country’s leader or a small college. Our carefully gathered data includes tuition fees, student population, majors, admission details and other accurate and valuable information. 

HotUni has gathered the best reviews by students and alumni of each place for you to take a closer look at the actual life of an establishment. You can also find feedback about professors and their work. Whether you want to find out the advantages of a university or learn about some professors, our Reviews sections will help you to make the final choice. 

In our research, we have used only the most reliable and best resources of the higher education systems in the USA and the United Kingdom. We present the essential info about top universities in the world and the data about small schools to give you a full view of all the options available in either of the countries. HotUni offers you a university search that includes thousands of establishments even outside of the world university rankings. The full list of universities is constantly growing and we are adding fresh information to keep you up to date.