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4 Tips for Freshers’ Week


Every year, before the start of classes, new students get to know a university and how it works during one week. This is a period of orientation for freshmen known under such names as welcome week, o-week, and freshers week. These few days are the busiest time for new students who usually come confused and unprepared to start the new chapter of their lives. 

On average, freshman age in the UK varies between 19 and 22 years old. This is the age when you get confused easily and university life often becomes too overwhelming.

HotUni advises all freshmen to take a deep breath and get ready for orientation to take the most out of it. 

Discover Clubs and Societies

University students are almost obsessed with societies and try to find the best suitable place. Visit a fresher’s fair, take a look at the list of societies and speak with a few leaders. The number of clubs in many universities is whopping and not limited to the standard hobbies. Some places even have a few extraordinary ones such as a Lego club, gaming, and so on. You may even sign up for some of them, this is simply fun and setting plans for the future, you are not bound by it. 

The importance of extracurricular activities in higher education establishments may be included to your resume to impress employers with your skills and ability to apply them. 

Freshman Registration Is a Must

During this one week, a freshman should learn everything about a university. So, every establishment plans tons of meetings and tasks, the first of them being registration. A student can fill in an online form to register and learn about all required papers for the fresher’s week. Later, students are expected to collect their ID cards from campus and register with a local GP or other facilities if they require it. 

Learn About Nightlife

What is freshers week without partying? This may turn out to be the craziest week of your university year. UK students know how to party and gladly show their skills to freshmen, either to impress or to welcome the start of their own academic year. During this week, parties will be planned for every night! Just be sure to relax in moderation and use your time to learn some other things about a university as well. Evenings are also the best time to see how societies function and get to know a few people. 

Plan Your Year 

Freshman year is the hardest period for a student. Everything seems strange, the classes are hard, people are crazy, and you don’t have time for anything. Fresher’s week is the best time to set your goals and determine the focus for the year. If you want to devote your time solely to academics, learn more about departments, professors, course work, and so on. If you are interested in social life, learn about clubs and peers. If your focus is sports, you know where to find a stadium. 

During this orientation week, a new student has to make a well-studied review on their priorities and what they have expected from the place. The inner life of a university may turn out to be completely different. 

All in all, fresher’s week is a just a peek at your future years of studies and it does not determine the rest of your year. You are free to try as many activities as you can and choose only the best ones. Just test the waters and stay calm, your student life in the UK will be great.