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Best Part Time Jobs for Students


Part-time jobs often become the only option for students to gain extra money. Tuition fees are never easy to pay off, especially when you have interest rates added to the sum. In addition, daily expenses of a college student include college fees, accommodation, food, and leisure spending.

How many hours in part-time jobs are allowed for students? A part-time job may require up to 34 hours per week depending on the position and employer.

HotUni recommends no more than 15 hours per week to keep the perfect balance between studies and work. 

What to Choose? 

There are many options that a student may go for but we have prepared a list of the most popular jobs. To keep your schedule precise, many students use the Enriching students application.

Online jobs for college students

Online jobs for college students take the leading position among all possible part-time jobs on the market. In most cases, they allow the most flexibility which is a top priority for students.  An online job market offers a great variety of options for students with diverse skills or even none at all. Some of the best options are:

A blogger. The latest trend among young people is becoming a blogger. The title covers a variety of occupations actually from an Instagram influencer to a YouTuber. Some decent equipment, basic editorial skills, a unique idea and you are done.

For those who are more academic-oriented, a research assistant is also an option. You may either assist one of your professors which will bring you extra credit as a bonus or help other students with their papers and research. 

Summer jobs for college students

If you are not ready to spend most of your after-classes time working, summer jobs for college students are the best option for you. At this season, you have enough free time to dive into a job to earn money. 

Are you good with kids? Then childcare would be perfect for you. Social media and babysitting websites make it easy to find a job as a nanny, especially in summer. Another option is senior care. Both of them are relatively high pay.

There is plenty of food service jobs that welcome students all year long. Summer is the best time to start your work. The most popular service occupations are a waiter and a bartender. 

Summer resorts hire almost exclusively students for seasonal jobs. You may try to work as a bartender, administrator, cleaning personnel, and so on.  

Best part-time jobs on campus

Many high education establishments offer a few jobs on their campuses. Students are welcome to apply for them before the academic year begins. 

If you would like to work on campus, think about the position of a library assistant. The job is easy and quiet. Besides, during the free hours in a library, you may start doing homework. 

If you know your campus well, become a tour guide. Campus tours are not an everyday event and mostly take a few hours of walking around campus and sharing the same information each time -  a perfect job for active people. 

The position of a dorm receptionist is the exact opposite one. Though, you are allowed to study and occupy the time with a hobby during the whole shift. 

Nowadays, part-time jobs have almost become a necessity for every college student. High tuition prices and other extra expenses that students face every day add financial pressure that can only be resolved by working part-time. When looking for a job, it is important to find the one that leaves you enough time and strength for studies.