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Best Student Cities in the US


The US is home to many of the most popular student cities in the world. Every year, they cover a decent part of the top 100 worldwide rankings. The US cities notably underperform in the affordability indicators but are perfect in all other aspects. 

The US Department of Education works on making higher education in the country cheaper and offers various kinds of student help for locals and international students, which makes the whole experience more affordable.

HotUni has prepared a small list of the best cities in the country for those who aim for the best. These are the places with the best student access.

Internationally-recognized Boston

Boston is undoubtedly the leader of the US higher education. This is the center for students from the whole world that flood two of the five world’s best universities. Both MIT and Harvard University are located in Boston. The city is ranked first in the country and 13th internationally as the best place for students. About one-quarter of the city’s student body is foreigners, which shows an excellent student mix and high status of the place. The local employment market is the most fruitful in the whole country. 

Active student New York

New York is hectic. The whole world knows it. The city and its students never sleep. If you are not an active student, you may want to choose something calmer. New York is home to NYU and Columbia University, the world’s elite in terms of higher education. Living in New York is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for young people from across the globe and becoming a student in such a prestigious place is worth a lot.

This huge city is the best for staying after graduation as well. 

Los Angeles, among the largest cities in the world 

Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most popular places across America. This is also one of the largest cities in the world, outgrown only by New York in the US. This is a place where students are not limited by academics. Here, creativity is something you can explore to the fullest. This is the city of unlimited opportunities for students of all fields. This is another student city that shows the most diversity in its population.

Tech-savvy San Francisco 

San Francisco holds educational leadership in the technological sphere. Both Stanford and Silicon Valley attract the attention of the cleverest minds of the world. Thanks to this tech hub, the city is known for its incredibly high employer activity. The market is full of offers for the local students and so, US and international applicants flood the city every year. San Francisco is also known as one of the most livable cities in the US.

Miami for multicultural education

Though Miami, Florida does not have the highest international ranking as a student city, it has the highest desirability among the youth of the whole world. Warm climate, active social life, and proximity of its popular sandy beaches make it a dream-city for creative people who don’t strive for the ranks of Stanford or Harvard and, instead, are content to express themselves in the confines of the University of Miami. This is truly a diverse city that, like LA, attracts creative people. 

These are only a few cities that draws thousands of international students every year. There are dozens of other great options like Washington, Austin, San Diego, Houston, Chapel Hill, and so on that are also great for students. When it comes to choosing a city in the US, a student has to consider several criteria such as affordability and accommodation, in addition to its desirability.