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Top 5 UK Universities for Student Satisfaction 2019


Student satisfaction is an important factor in choosing a university that, unfortunately, some of us overlook. The way an establishment operates and whether it manages to create a prosperous atmosphere for its students shows its status. Both private and public universities can completely satisfy a student with a bit of funding. 

The current satisfaction ranking of the UK remains high, even growing for some institutions. The most recent student survey has taken into account such aspects as learning opportunities, academic support, learning resources, student union, organization, and management, etc. 

HotUni has prepared an overview of the most satisfactory establishments of the UK. 

University of St. Andrew’s 

The first place is taken by the University of St. Andrews. This small-town establishment is the third-oldest university in the whole English-speaking world. Over the last 600 years, it has established a worldwide reputation. In recent years, it has also increased its student satisfaction rates and risen from the third place to the first. 

Though the place has a large student population of almost 9,000 students, its satisfaction rate is 94%. Among the other academic achievements, the university offers great health support, disability programs, counseling, career advice, over 180 student societies, and 50 sports clubs. 

For additional information on the kind of questions asked in the survey and the more detailed results, you can read more on the UNISTATS website. 

University of Buckingham 

The second place is shared between three establishments: the University of Buckingham, Conservatoire for Dance and Drama, and the London Institute of Banking and Finance. All three of them have an equal satisfaction rate of 91% but we’ll preserve the order given by the survey and will start with the University of Buckingham. Buckingham has been near the top of satisfactory rates for years and intends to keep its high status. It is also rated the first in upholding Free Speech which effects the satisfaction rates greatly. The institute is praised for personalized support in learning, student welfare support through a range of various activities via a student portal, and the implementation of innovative pathways in education. 

Conservatoire for Dance and Drama

The second place also goes to the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama located which is a collaboration of institutions located in the hearts of the country’s art and culture: London, Leeds, and Bristol. Conservatoire training is a creative and inventive process that is aimed to uncover the inner talents of its students. With such a high level of support and an individual approach, students are expected to be satisfied with the process. This a collaboration of small school. Gaining such a high level of student central support in an incredible achievement. 

London Institute of Banking and Finance

The London Institute of Banking and Finance ranks high in both London and national surveys. It has the second place just as the previous two names on this student guide with 91% of its students being completely satisfied with all amenities it has to offer. It has moved up three places since the previous ranking and may even go higher on the next one if the progress is kept. 

Joint Place

Just as the survey showed a joint second place, the next fourth place is joint as well. Three establishments have gained the right to be among the best with 90% of student satisfaction: Keele University, Royal Veterinary College, and Aberystwyth University. While they cannot say “we are number one,” technically, they can all be named the third best. 

As you’ve noticed, Oxbridge establishments are not present on the list for the first time in any rating probably. In fact, they were not included in the survey due to the timely protests of their students. They have been missing for the last two years. And this leaves us with the current rating of institutions that please students the most.