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Top Universities in the World

The world is full of prestigious educational establishments that gather the attention of thousands of prospective students. Who wouldn’t want to study at the leading institution? When it comes to choosing a university, taking a look at the world university rankings provided here by HotUni brings a deeper understanding of various academic standards.

This is an official list of the top universities in the world starting from the best ones. There is nothing truly lacking about the rest of establishments ranked not so high.

The ranking includes top public universities, though the presence of the whopping number of private institutions signalizes a gradual transfer towards independent entities. The highest ranks of private universities are mostly represented by the Ivy League with an impeccable reputation in the whole world. They are some of the most popular and most prestigious universities for international studies. Discover other top private universities in the worldwide ranking above.

Unlike the national lists, the world’s ranking cannot include all great establishments of each country due to high competition. Here, you’ll find only the best and the largest universities in the world.