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Postgraduate education in Great Britain: Top Universities 

The UK is a world leader of higher education that offers internationally-recognized degrees. Most people arriving to get an education in this country aim for postgraduate studies. Not only local students but people from all over the world strive for a degree in one of those high-class UK universities. Postgraduate education in Great Britain offers many options both in terms of places to study and the variety of courses. 

Most UK universities offer such postgraduate degrees as Master’s degree, MBA, and Ph.D. The quality of postgraduate courses in all UK establishments is controlled by the British Government Quality Assurance Agency that examines all institutions and faculty. As a result, all universities in the Kingdom are bound to provide top-notch services that have an impeccable reputation in the whole world. 

To get a Masters degree or Ph.D. in the U.K, the candidates have to go through tough competition and express excellent skills both in the subject of studies and English, more for some specialties than the others. 

The country offers postgraduate courses in all most widespread subjects. However, we’ll take a look at 5 subjects that attract the most attention of the local and international students. 

Education Schools

Education is one of the essential fields of study that the UK is known for. Thousands of postgraduate international students come to the country to continue their education in this field. 

University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is one of the leading establishments in the world and the main institution in the Kingdom. Thus, it offers high-quality postgraduate courses in all subjects. This is a top university that can be mentioned in each category we are discussing. However, it is most known for the best postgraduate degrees in education. The number of international students pursuing Ph.D. or Masters in Education is about 40% which indicates its high popularity in the world. 

University of Cambridge

Another top university in the Kingdom and the world is the University of Cambridge. Alongside Oxford, this is also a diverse establishment that should be mentioned for all subjects in the country. Here, a postgraduate student can learn from the best minds in the world. Courses in education are especially favored by foreign students here. Among all courses, English is one of the most in-demand. 

King’s College London

King’s College London is ranked sixth in the UK based on research activities. Alongside the leading academic achievements, the institution offers varied internship programs, including the field of education. King’s College has many specialties, though humanities is the leader of postgraduate study. 

Law Schools

Graduate Law degrees are a traditional part of UK education. The Kingdom is known as a producer of the most successful professionals of the sphere in the world. Moreover, the offered courses on a myriad of law areas are offers both for graduates and practicing professionals. 

London School of Economics and Political Science

With the exception of England’s leading institutions of Oxford and Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science is the top establishment students apply for. The school Masters and MBA postgraduate degree courses on such subjects as socio-legal theory, law and accounting, human rights, criminal justice, public policy, and so on. About 70% of LSE students are international, while the percentage of international faculty is 40. 


University College London offers graduate taught and research degrees in Law on the following subjects: criminal law, empirical legal studies, global law, human rights, environmental laws, and so on. The establishment’s Faculty of Law is ranked as 8th in the world in this study area. 

University of Edinburgh 

You can also study postgraduate law at the University of Edinburgh. It offers top-notch courses in various law areas. This is an internationally-focused university with about 40% of its students being foreigners. Worldwide, it is ranked as 29th. 

Medicine Schools

Many of the UK medical schools and teaching hospitals are raked at the top in Europe and very high on the worldwide lists. Some of them were the pioneers of the field and many are still bringing in innovations to their postgraduate education. 

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the leading universities in England. It competes with the worldwide known giants as Oxford and Cambridge for the title of the best of the best in all spheres of education. However, there is one sphere that Imperial College is best known for – medicine. Worldwide, it is ranked as 4th best in medicine and health. It operates numerous teaching hospitals across London using practicing doctors and professors to provide the best. 


University College London is the founding college of the University of London. It includes a wide range of disciplines and majors, though the main focus lies in medicine. In its structure, it has the Institute of Neurology, Dental Institute, the Royal Free Hospital Medical School, and School of Pharmacy, all of which offer postgraduate medical courses in the respective fields. In terms of medical studies, UCL is ranked 8th in the world. 

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburg also offers internationally-recognized postgraduate medical degrees. Edinburgh’s Medical School is a renowned establishment with a high percentage of international students continuing their studies. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was considered the best medical school in the English-speaking world. Today, it is ranked lower – 3rd in the UK and 21st in the world. Currently, the school teaches only 890 postgraduate students.

King’s College London

King’s College London, a constant competitor of Imperial College London, leads six Medical Research Council Centers and is the largest center for postgraduate medical education in Europe. Across the institution’s campuses, such medical faculties with available postgraduate degrees are scattered: life sciences & medicine, biomedical engineering, dental education, medical and basic biosciences, cancer and pharmaceutical sciences, cardiovascular medicine, immunology, etc. 

Engineering Schools 

To get a Masters or an MBA postgraduate degree in engineering, many international students choose the UK. The country has a variety of options for this field of study covering a large spectrum of disciplines. 


Two most known universities in the country, Oxford and Cambridge, take a leading role in the postgraduate studies of engineering. The Department of Engineering Science in Oxford is known worldwide for its high-quality study and research opportunities both in the conventional disciplines such as solid mechanics and materials, chemical and process engineering, and some of the innovative branches including nanotechnology for medicine, autonomous intelligence machines, experimental plasma physics, etc. 

As for Cambridge, the Department of Engineering is the largest in the whole university. This is a worldwide center of engineering offering both taught and research courses. Currently, the department accounts for 850 graduate students at a time. 


UCL’s Faculty of Engineering Science is an extensive structure that includes the following fields of engineering: biochemical, chemical, civil, geomatics, mechanical, electronic, computer science, medical physics, security, and crime science, etc. All the departments offer taught and research postgraduate engineering courses with several levels of qualification. At this time, 1,181 graduate students study at this UCL Faculty. 

University of Glasgow 

A School of Engineering at the University of Glasgow offers a postgraduate MSc in aerospace engineering, electronics manufacturing, civil engineering and management, biomedical engineering, computer systems engineering, mechatronics, and a few other branches of the field. Postgraduate research at Glasgow includes 5 main fields: aerospace sciences, biomedical engineering, systems & energy, electronics, and nanoscale engineering, infrastructure and environment. This is a Glasgow department with a rich history and internationally-known alumni. 

Nursing Schools

In addition to offering a postgraduate certificate in education in medical fields, the UK is also known for its high-class nursing schools, some of which were among the first ever nursing courses in the world. 

University of Glasgow 

Glasgow’s postgraduate courses cover numerous fields. Nursing is one of the most sought-after ones. The Nursing and Healthcare School of Glasgow has the largest staff and student body in the university. The Nursing department at Glasgow is the leading center of undergraduate and postgraduate nursing education in the UK. Students are offered degrees in Advanced Nursing Science as a taught one and can choose between two research themes: Supportive Self-Management and Palliative and End of Life Care. 

King’s College London 

King’s College is one of the European leaders of medical and nursing research and studies. It is also a home to the first ever nursing school named after Florence Nightingale. The faculty of Nursing and Midwifery at King’s College is recognized as the second leading in the UK. Among a huge faculty of 3,000 students, almost a half of them are postgraduates. The faculty also has the lowest admissions offer rate in the whole country – 14%. To get a postgraduate Nursing degree in this establishment, a student must show outstanding academic excellence. 

University of Edinburgh 

Nursing studies at the University of Edinburgh offer several qualifications in nursing including Master of Science, Master of Philosophy, and Ph.D. This is one of a few establishments in Scotland to offer postgraduate education in nursing. The tuition costs for international students at Edinburg for Nursing Studies start from 7,200 for part-time courses and 19,000 for full-time courses. Student funding is also available for postgraduate studies. 

The United Kingdom is known as the world’s leader in high-quality education. With the universities ranked top in the world, the country has unlimited options for international students seeking all kinds of degrees. Getting a diploma at one of the leading establishments in the country is key to a successful career. It is a truth that many fields of postgraduate education in Great Britain are dominated by two “giants” of the UK education system, Oxford and Cambridge, but there is a whopping number of universities and colleges around the Kingdom ready to compete with them and even excel in some fields.