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Scholarships and Bursaries


Student Finance: Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships in the UK

Many students in the UK require financial support. The tuition prices differ from place to place but there are millions of families who cannot afford higher education for their children if not for help from outside. As in any other developed country, the UK government offers some financial support for the families in need and to reward the youth with exceptional skills. 

There are various ways in which government and private companies alike help young students. The main types of help are free non-repayable bursaries and scholarships in the UK. The major detail that differs them from so-popular loans is that this money is a sort of a gift that does not have to be paid off. That is why students hope to get this kind of help before applying for loans. 

So, here, we have three main types of aid that are very similar in their purpose and have a few details that differ them from each other in theory. In practice, they are often interchangeable and universities and companies often mix them up and determine their own definitions of their award programs. 

How to get a student bursary or scholarship?  

The main detail that should be taken into consideration is the base on which bursaries and scholarships in the UK are issued. So, there are two main kinds of reasons – poor financial situation and excellence.  The first type is money awarded to people in need. Students who face a difficult financial situation are free to apply for a student bursary that may cover up to the whole tuition price. As a rule, they have to offer papers proving their inability to cover the costs. 

Funding can be also issued based on academic or sports excellence. High achievers are always rewarded when choosing the specific field as a major. There are many grants, scholarships, and bursaries awarded to those meeting a specific criterion, be it financial need, academic excellence in a certain field, gender, or background. There are countless finds for minorities and military families as well. 

Each scholarship, grant, and bursaries has certain eligibility criteria written down and presented on the official website or at the office. Some of them are general and require only the basic study papers and an application form. The whole application process can be completed online without even the need to send the original copies of documents. Others may have up to a dozen documents on the list or even more when it comes to scholarships for international students in the UK. Checking your eligibility before actually applying is the most important rule of the race for the funds. 

Scholarships for international students in the UK

There are countless student funding options in the UK both from the governmental-based companies and the private ones. Looking through all of them would take days, if not weeks. However, there are a few major titles that promise the best funding and are known to all students of the UK and the newcomers. Let’s look at the university bursaries available to all students. 

One of the major names is the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan whose popularity reaches far beyond the island. The funding is offered for Master’s and Doctoral courses and works with professional and medical fellowships. It covers all Commonwealth countries and can be given for the UK studying and distance learning. 

Women’s Scholarship by the Center for Cyber Safety and Education that offers a few dozen thousand of pounds that can be awarded to any female student enrolled in a cybersecurity and information assurance program. 

Financial Help by National Safety Service is a major program as well. An NHS bursary is available both to continuing students and those in their bursary eligible year. This bursary meaning includes all medical and dental students studying in the country. The application can be submitted on the NHS website where all necessary form and guidelines are provided. 

Chevening Scholarship. What is a scholarship called Chevening? This is a global financial help offered to all students, no matter the field of studies or home country, who meet certain requirements. The scholarship covers all tuition fees as well as accommodation costs, and even traveling expenses. Compared to other student finance offers, this one sounds like a treasure that pays for everything. What is a bursary offered by the regular university compared to this huge one? 

Among the popular student grants in the UK, a special place goes to a Special Support Grants that often serves as a Maintenance Grant and can cover a substantial part of living expenses. Currently, the grant offers £3,593 for the 2018/19 academic year and £3,694 for the following year. Among the students qualifies for this grants and single parents of children under 20, have a disability, incapable of work for a continuous period, waiting to go back to a course, or aged over 60. 

The list of student support offers goes on and on and includes both global and local options for students all over the world. Many of the options offered by the UK government for the domestic students can be applied to by international students. All global scholarships and grants are available to students from the UK. Every student can find an option that suits their needs if they pay more time to research.