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What are the Benefits of Postgraduate Studies in the UK? 

Postgraduate studies in the UK are an important level of education that attracts millions of people from all around the world. The variety of high-class higher education establishments of the UK offers a wide choice of options for the students of all spheres. The UK universities have a worldwide reputation as the best of the best and rightly hold numerous places in the list of top 100 universities in the world. 

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by the UK system prepare highly-skilled professionals and offer some of the best curriculums and professors in the world.

Postgraduate education of the country provides even more perspectives for international students and brings more people to the country. 

What is the difference between undergraduate and graduate courses?

When choosing a degree at a higher education establishment, people face the two types of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. So, what is the difference between undergraduate and graduate courses? Undergraduate education includes the Bachelor’s degree and until students get this diploma, they are undergraduates. Postgraduate programs are further education that includes Master’s and Doctorate’s degrees known as Ph.D. 

This is the main difference. They are simply various levels of education. 

Master’s postgraduate degree 

When speaking of postgraduate education, a Master’s degree is the most widespread choice in the world. Many positions require candidates to have a Master’s degree – this is the most influential reason among all. So, there are many people who pursue the degree even without academic aspirations. 

In the UK, master’s postgraduate degree is a popular choice for most international students as it is usually cheaper to get a Bachelor’s diploma in the home country and just get a prestigious Master’s one in the UK. 

Among the variety of offered courses, English is the leading program for international students. Local applicants also often choose the major due to the high professionalism of the UK professors. 

UK postgraduate courses benefits

The first and main reason to get postgraduate education in the UK is the internationally-recognized diploma from an establishment with perfect reputation. The UK universities are known for the high quality of teaching. 

In addition to a desirable diploma, students can gather many useful connections while studying in the country. Your career prospects are incredible thanks to this diploma, but when befriending international people from global companies, a student receives a unique chance to shape their future around their own needs and preferences. 

Another benefit is the flexibility of the UK postgraduate courses. The UK postgraduates can shape their study schedule according to their needs. They can easily add their personal tasks and part-time job into the schedule and choose studying and research hours accordingly. 

The UK offers two types of Mater’s degrees: taught and research. The first one mostly includes seminars, lectures, tutorials, etc. A research degree is focused on individual research and has an extremely flexible schedule. The course ends with a massive thesis that determines the graduation grades. 

What is a postgraduate degree application process?

When it comes to postgraduate admissions, students do not have to go through a totally unexpected experience. In general, the application process is the same as the first time in a university. The only difference is in the required documents. Postgraduate programs require different academic transcripts and demands a Baccalaureate degree for the application. Also, they can apply directly to a university without submitting the standard UCAS form. Instead, they can use a UKPASS system to fill in all the details online. 

What is postgraduate application deadline? Taking into account an individual approach for every university, there is no common deadline for all students. When choosing a university, a student simply has to check the set dates at the chosen establishment. 

Also, an important document to include, especially for international students, is proof of English proficiency. Such a requirement is usually fulfilled with the help of TOEFL and IELTS. 

Ways of postgraduate funding 

Searching for funding for postgraduate study is more complicated than getting student help for undergraduates. There are fewer offers both by private and government-based companies who are willing to finance postgraduate students and fees are not cheap at all. 

On average, the Master’s degree for international students costs about £12,000. The price may vary depending on the institution you choose and the program. Those courses that are in demand always come with a higher price. 

Scholarships and grants 

One of the most desirable sources of postgraduate student financing is scholarships and grants. Funding may come directly from universities, private companies and charities. The latter option is mostly aimed at financing a certain field of studies, such as medical and health research. Government-supported help is mostly need-based for students with difficult financial situation or, sometimes, is based on academic excellence. Though, the academic achievements have to be outstanding to get a scholarship for a postgraduate degree. 

Loans for postgraduate study

For those who cannot secure a scholarship or a grant, student loans are always available. Though this option requires to repay all the given money and even more due to interest rates, this is still a popular choice among students of all countries, the UK included. 

Private loans for postgraduate study are open to every student in need and welcome foreign applicants, though the interest rates are always bigger than the governmental ones demand. 

Why is masters a postgraduate degree start and do people often go further? Postgraduate education is all about continuing studies and devoting their life to academics and research, but the Master’s degree is a transitional stage that gives great job prospects without burying students in research and theoretical knowledge. This is a degree that big corporation directors, politicians, and businessman have to have. The first qualification of the post-graduate studies in the UK takes only a year to compete which is a short term compared to other countries. Only one additional year in a university can offer great career opportunities in the international companies, especially when spent in a high-class UK university with a globally-recognized name.