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Private Accommodation


Student Private Housing Options in the UK

For those students who are not comfortable living on campus in huge crowded halls of residence, the only option left is private housing. This type of student accommodation is more complicated than living in a dormitory yet may be ten times more comfortable. 

When choosing what type of accommodation to choose, most students look at the financial side of the matter and, only after that, consider their preferences. For most students, spending too much money on privileged living conditions is too much of a trouble. The budget of a student is usually tight even without the living costs. When they come into play, it is essential to choose the most efficient way. 

On average, private housing is considered to be more expensive than campus halls. In reality, the prices vary greatly and some private options come close enough to university accommodation costs. The easiest way to cut the price is to find a roommate that will take half of the spending. You can rarely find a student who is living on their own, especially when speaking of huge student cities like London or Edinburgh. Often, they pair with a friend or better a couple of them and look for a place not far from campus but in a quiet and cheap neighborhood.

The price range of private living costs is huge and stretches from £200 to £1000 and more. Let’s take a middle £600 as an average price for a 2/3 bedroom flat and divide it among 2/3 people. Thus, the price each student has to pay is not too extreme compared to the average £120-300 of on-campus accommodation. You get the same price but fewer people running around on the shared property. 

However, there is a major drawback of even such calculations – this is only a rental price, additional bills for electricity, heating, and so on has to be paid by students as well. As a bonus, they get to spend money on transportation while halls of residence are already located nearby.

All in all, to make private living comfortable and worth the prices, a thorough search has to be conducted beforehand.

How and where to look for private student housing 

With private housing, it is important to choose the best offer for the price and take into account some details that may be of help in the future. 

The first and foremost thing to take into account is the price. Are the living conditions worth the price? Always search the market thoroughly to learn average costs and take your time to find the best place and location. 

When looking for houses for rent, many students are confused with where to start and what websites to search. There are a few services meant specifically for student housing and even more on general rental offers. Note that the general websites are harder to look through as some landlords do not want to host students.

Private houses to rent 

When searching for private houses to rent, start with the service called OnTheMarket. It has some of the best house rentals in the country. This is a general website that offers houses for everyone interested, not only for students. So, the prices range is higher here than in some specialized services, though the number of offers is bigger. 

Among the student-oriented websites, Student.com has some great rentals to offer. The service offers both university and private accommodation by reaching realtors who work with a particular university. The offered house does not differ from the ones on the general market but often have lower prices. 

There are three main options on the website: shared room, private room, and the whole place. You need to choose “renting the whole place” if living on-campus is not your plan.

Flats to rent 

When it comes to renting a flat, students usually have more options. Most big universities are located in metropolitan areas where rental houses may be too expensive or too far away from campus. Flats to rent, on the other hand, are cheaper and located in the center of a city. There are always more flat options than houses. Homes for rent are big and require a lot of students to lower the price to an affordable one. Flats can be easily rented just by two people at a good price. Though Student.com also has apartment offers, a better place to such a search would be StudetTenant.com. that has offers for the major university cities. Usually, the prices for private housing in big cities start from £600 per person per months and goes way higher to thousands. These are the average prices for such locations as London, Edinburg, etc. In smaller cities, the costs are significantly lower. 

For those students who want to save some money on private renting, an offer of housing benefit exists. It will help you to pay a part of your rent. The offer covers people who earn a certain amount, unemployed ones, and is popular among part-time and disabled students. How much housing benefit am I entitled to for private renting? For private renting, you can claim local housing allowance of a maximum £400 per week for a 4-bedroom property. The smaller the place, the lower the price.

Are student rental properties beneficial for owners?

Why do some people choose to rent their houses and flats to all students? Is the market full of frauds and properties in poor condition that no other occupant would want to rent them? In fact, student residence may be of huge benefit to landlords and owners. The student housing market has many good offers because the tenant pool is huge and any flat is guaranteed to be rented all year long. As soon as the previous students move out, the new ones are ready to move in. In addition, off-campus housing is a stable market that stays strong even in the hardest times. Student rental properties is a passive investment that brings you money each month without your efforts.