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Study in the UK


Is study in the UK for everybody? 

An education system of the UK is the result of centuries of constant changes in search of the best techniques and principles. Today, it is recognized as one of the best education systems in the world. Millions of people strive to study in the UK, even if it is just a short course. The possibilities in the country are extensive and it offers the best teaching faculty and all possible fields of studies. 

The government of the country is highly supportive of its citizens and encourages them to get the best possible education by severely reducing higher education costs compared to international prices. Elementary and secondary education is free with the exception of high-class private schools. 

Speaking of foreign pupils, they come from all over the world to get all levels of education. Many get a post-study work visa in the UK to stay in the country and implement their professional skills by working at local companies. Some acquire many useful international partners or apply for successful international corporations. 

UK Education System

The education system of the UK is divided into several levels including primary, secondary, further, and higher education. These are the key stages for any student. Going through the whole system takes years and years of studies in the UK starting at 5 with primary school and going up to their 20s and 30s to get the top levels of higher education. 

Primary and secondary education in the UK is mandatory and free. The government takes care of the number of schools in the country, their funding, providing qualified faculty, and so on. Further education is a transitory phase between secondary and higher education. It is not obligatory, though most students opt to go through it. 

At the age of 14-16, pupils get the General Certificate of Secondary Education. They require to pass exams to a certain number of subjects to get this certificate. This is the qualification below A (advanced)-levels that are studied for two years and are the final step before applying to a university. This Advanced level qualification determines a student aptitude and skills before the start of the undergraduate studies. A-levels are extremely important for further higher education qualifications and university enrollment.

Higher education is what the UK is known for. It hosts some of the top universities in the world, including such iconic establishments as Oxford and Cambridge. Young people often come to study law in the UK as the country is known to graduate highly qualified professionals of this sphere. Languages are also prioritized among international students who come to study in the country. English courses in the country are the top destination for European students as well as students from other countries. 

Young people also often study nursing in the UK to complete an Overseas Nursing Program. Most degrees in this field last at least four years bringing foreign students to the UK for a long period. Unlike language courses, studying nursing is a long-term commitment. 

Another popular education offers of the country are long-distance programs. For most countries, an online study in the UK means to get a qualification that exceeds the expectation of most employers. The country’s educational establishments offer long-distance programs to people in most countries. At the same time, even online education in the UK is top-notch due to many interactive online lessons and full support of professors. University libraries with study material are open for online students, as well as regular consultations with the faculty. A global study in the UK is a field that currently gets a lot of attention from the government and private companies. International partnership is highly valued there.

Though educational establishments are spread all over the UK, there are a few centers of student life that become the destination for most local and foreign students. Among them are some of the most populated cities: London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Brighton, Birmingham, and so on.

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Why study in the UK? 

Why study in the UK? Some people may wonder what advantages this country has. 

Among the numerous benefits of studying in the UK, the most important one is the high international status of its universities. The UK has the most recognized establishments among the top universities in the world. Their high status comes from the highest quality of education students receive. Highly-qualified faculty is an integral part of the whole system which brings even more students to the country. 

Another benefit is a unique culture and the opportunity to practice English, a global language most young people are required to learn. This advantage also touches the secondary level of study in the UK taking into account the popularity of exchange programs for teens. 

A developed support system plays its role in attracting students as well. The local ones get affordable prices for education while the international ones can apply for student funding that is also offered in many forms. In general, a study in the UK costs are noticeably higher for foreigners and tuitions fee alone may reach £15,000-£20,000 a year.  Most of the sum is easily covered by student financial support system of the country. 

Why do you want to study in the UK higher education establishments?

The UK is among top destinations for students all over the world. Many young people consider coming to the country for a cultural experience, others value superior academic opportunities, and some come for the reputation of a university. Such establishments as Oxford, Cambridge, University of Edinburg, Imperial College London, University of Leeds, and others carry their names proudly and are known in the whole world. Being among the oldest higher education establishments in the world, they get enhanced attention from the world. However, there is still ground behind the popularity as higher education in the UK is truly top-notch and well-organized. 

The country pays a lot of attention to the work of educational establishments and constantly improves the system. The results are shown by the whopping numbers of international students and the rates of graduation among the local ones. 

When choosing a university in the UK, people face countless options that are easy to get lost in. No matter the choice, UK studies guarantee you a professional approach from any institution. 

So, why do you want to study in the UK? Because it has one of the best education systems in the world. Because it has a rich and thrilling culture. Because its language is the unofficial language of the globalization process that covers the whole Earth.