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Best Graduate Schools


Finding the Best Graduate School in the U.S.

After completing undergraduate courses, all students face an important choice of what to do next. Some choose to leave studies and start their career path, but most go further for a graduate degree. The next step is enrolling in a graduate school that offers advanced training for future jobs and guarantees increased research time for those pursuing academic advancement. 

Graduate Degree 

Once a student gets a Bachelor’s degree, they can either choose to pursue a Master’s degree or MBA. The first option is more universal and offers bigger career prospects. Many students consider it to be more effective for a future career as it covers a wide spectrum of skills and disciplines. MBA or Master of Business Administration is a narrower field that mostly covers management and emphasizes business skills. This graduate degree is also a starting point of future career that provides in-depth knowledge and training. MBA is often used as the last step of education before seeking a job while quite a lot students continue to pursue their doctorates after a Master’s degree. 

Seeking a graduate school with a good reputation has become even more important than the whole undergraduate studies in recent years. The place where you get your “final” degree is viewed by employers to judge the level of education and received skills. So, among the whole variety of higher education institutions offering graduate programs, students aim to choose only the best options with the highest quality of education and, preferably, an international name. 

Top graduate schools are accept only top students and set requirements that only a few can meet. Starting from the highest possible academic results to a creative person statement for graduate school, everything has to be perfect to become a student of a top establishment. 

Every year, a few crème-de-la-crème establishments on the leading disciplines are chosen to lead the U.S. rankings. What is a graduate school without at least a national rank? The choice falls on the best options. 

Education Graduate Schools Rankings

One of the leading fields of study in the whole world is education. It encompasses a wide variety of disciplines and subjects providing varied career opportunities. The competition of graduate school rankings in this category is led by the world’s top schools with the highest demands possible. 

Harvard University

Harvard University is rightfully one of the best universities specialized in the field of education. Here, a student can get a Master’s degree in one of 13 areas including international educational policy, education leadership, etc. The graduate programs of the school have a high-class faculty of the best specialists in the field. 

Stanford University 

The Graduate School of Education at Stanford is the top institution of the country that offers Master’s and top MBA programs in various fields of education. Every teacher and researcher has to be a student at first and this is the place where many people from the U.S. and other countries complete their studies. 

University of California 

The University of California at Berkeley is the leading institution of the University of California system to get a degree in education at. It offers Master’s and Ph.D. degrees, as well as a few preparation courses in a wide range of topic in education studies. In addition to the list of best education graduate schools, the university is the 15th best in the world. 

University of Pennsylvania 

The Penn Graduate School of Education which is a part of the University of Pennsylvania is a high-class establishment that welcomes graduate students from the U.S. and the rest of the world annually. Being a part of the Ivy League, the institution employs the best practices to create a viable environment for practical studies and research. 

Best Business Schools in the U.S. 

The second field of studies in demand for postgraduate education is business. It has the most prospects in the modern world and offers numerous career opportunities right after graduation. The list of the top establishment for a graduate degree in Business includes: 

Harvard University

The status of the leading educational establishment in the whole country brings the responsibility of providing the best education in multiple spheres. Thus, Harvard is a leader not only in the area of education degrees but many others as well, including business. The offered programs include marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting, and so on. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology continues the list of the best business schools and MBA rankings in the U.S. The full-time enrollment of the establishment includes under a thousand students choosing only the most ambitious and skillful applicants to complete a graduate degree there. The average salary of MIT post-graduates lies in the range of $120-130K. 

University of Pennsylvania 

Philadelphia’s main university offers 2-year MBA programs that include a global consulting practicum, modular courses abroad, and multiple global offers. Penn provides programs on such specializations as accounting, leadership, various management departments, finance, banking, etc. Due to the high standards of Pennsylvania’s education, 96% of students find a job within three months after graduation. 

University of Chicago 

The University of Chicago, Booth is the last business school on our list. Throughout the recent years, it has kept the 4 and 5 places of the best graduate business schools in the country. The flexible schedule of UC courses, a variety of analytical tools and methods, and highly professional faculty make this establishment the foremost choice of numerous American students even despite its high fees of about $100,000 per academic year. 

The following are law school rankings that bring a couple of new additions to the included establishments. 

Best Law Schools in the U.S.

Back in the days, a graduate degree in a law school guaranteed you the best salary in the country. Today, the employment rate of law students is lower than ever. However, there are still a few high-class establishments in the country that guarantee a successful career to more than 96% of its graduates. 

Yale University 

The Ivy League offers the best universities in the U.S. Speaking of graduate degrees, the leading programs are mostly restricted to this university family as well. A low overall acceptance rate of the school is even lower for graduates in law who are chosen with utmost severity. More than 80% of its graduates are employed right after graduation.  

Stanford University 

It seems that Stanford wants to concede its leading positions in no field of education. Law is as important as any other area in Stanford. It is assessed as an almost ideal option by the students and professionals of the sphere with a mark of 4.8 out of 5. The rate of students employed right after the graduation is even higher than in Yale – 91%.

Harvard University 

What kind of students do not want to get in Harvard? It is a leader in all spheres and one of the best law schools in the world. Speaking of law degrees, the establishment offers programs in trial advocacy, tax law, intellectual property, environmental law, and so on. Even despite the harsh unemployment rates of young lawyers in the U.S. today, a graduate law degree in Harvard guarantees positive job prospects. 

Columbia University 

A place with law school requirements that can easily be considered among the toughest in the world is Columbia University. The average tuition fees are 1.5 times lower than at Stanford or Harvard, yet the quality of education is just as high. 93% of Columbia students are employed right after graduation. A low student to faculty ratio of 5:1 makes studies in this law school comfortable and customized.  

Best Medical Schools in the U.S. 

Looking for the best medical schools with graduate degrees, we turn away from those establishments that rule the previous areas of studies and face a whole new category of universities, among which only a few can have the top positions in the country. 

Harvard University/University of Washington

The only establishment mentioned before that enters our list is Harvard. This is a research-oriented school with degrees in pediatrics, surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, etc. 

When speaking of primary care, the first place goes to the University of Washington that is still involved in research but to a lesser extent. Washington puts a white coat on the future doctors. 

Johns Hopkins University

Overall, Johns Hopkins University has 10 divisions among which medicine is what brings the place its reputation of the leading establishment in the U.S. The John Hopkins Hospital that is also a teaching institution nowadays is the foundation for the modern medicine in the country. Thousands of applicants wonder how to get into medical school of the rank and only a few pass. 

University of North Carolina

Another establishment to specialize in primary care is the University of North Carolina. Graduate degrees include a variety of discipline and courses to prepare knowledgeable doctors with practical skills. 

Best Engineering Schools in the U.S. 


An absolute engineering leader of the country is Massachusetts Institute of Technologies. This is the place where NASA engineers come from, where most leading minds of the world are taught. The range of specialties in MIT is as extensive as they come. A Master’s degree in MIT is enough to be accepted to the international facilities of the utmost importance. According to the last year’s survey, the average salary of an MIT graduate exceeds $110,000. 

Stanford University

Stanford programs for graduate engineering offer courses on the following specialties: Aeronautics and Astronautics, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and so on. Currently, about 1500 students are enrolled in the Stanford School of Engineering. 

University of California, Berkeley

The graduate programs of Berkeley Engineering include Bioengineering, Electrical, Industrial, Nuclear, Mechanical Engineering, etc. Berkeley is the leading campus of the whole system of the University of California in terms of engineering programs. 

These are the leading establishment in 5 most extensive and popular field of studies: education, business, law, medicine, and engineering. Each year, other areas get their own rankings as well and it is easy to find the best nursing schools or the humanities degrees offered in the U.S.